• CNC Switch Plate Aluminum for 80 key ErgoDox (set of 2)


      This is the switch plate for the ErgoDox keyboard which can be installed in our CNC cases. Added keys in thumb cluster…

  • FTmini ver2 Keyboard 3key for OSU Ver 2. (bamboo)

    From: 20.00

    Printed Keycaps Double Shot, send randomly.

  • (One Hand) ErgoDox Standard Acrylic Case – Chameleon Foil


    Most popular ErgoDox acrylic case designed by Litster. Select Type of PLATE Switches

  • Atreus62 Key Electronics and Cables


    Standard bill of materials required to build ErgoDox keyboard.

  • (One Hand) ErgoDox Key Switch Pack Cherry MX Brown (Plate Mount)

    From: 30.00

    Cherry MX Brown Keyswitch - PCB Mount - Tactile.