• Mini Solder Station, ZD-8906 KIT


    Analog soldering station for general electronic and electrical work.   - Ideal for general electronics and electrical repairs - On-Off…

  • CNC Plate for GH60 Universal ISO / ANSI / HHKB Black ver.


    This is the switch plate for the GH60 or keyboard 60% which can be installed in our CNC cases.

  • (One Hand) B-Stock ErgoDox FullHand PVC Case

    From: 22.00

    B-Stock Minor damages.

  • ErgoDox Partially assembled with electronics + cable

    From: 80.00

    ErgoDox Partially assembled with electronics  + teensy 2.0 + cable

  • GH60 Key Switch Pack Gateron MX Clear (PCB Mount)

    From: 43.00

    Gateron Clear Keyswitch - PCB Mount - Linear.

    Out of stock
  • Out of stock