(One Hand) ErgoDox FullHand Compact PVC Case MIX 38/40 key

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FalbaTech is offering their own CNC machined case for the ErgoDox keyboards. This one is a FullHand compact version made from solid white PVC.

5 mm PVC switch plate built-in.

CNC machining gives us unmet precision to create finely polished product that matches any version of the ErgoDox PCB.

PVC is a light and strong material widely used in manufacturing industry. It is resistant to UV light (does not yellow with time), chemicals (like skin oils, cleaning solutions or acetone) and due to its molecular structure it also protects your keyboard from mechanical impacts (drops or scratches).

Currently only which color is available.

It comes with set of bolts and rubber feet.

Dimensions case: 

Left: 191 x 232 x 12 mm
Right: 191 x 232 x 12 mm

Additional information

Weight 0.41 kg
Dimensions 191 x 232 x 12 mm
Right hand or Left hand

Right hand, Left hand

Version soldering 38 / 40 key

38 Key, 40 Key