Terms and conditions

I. New client registration

1. Client is responsible for providing factual information when filling up registration form.
2. Client is responsible for not sharing login details with anyone.

II. Making and processing order

3. Making order means filling up order form on product pages in this store.
4. Client must be at least 18 years old to order products from this store.
5. You will be informed about changes to the status of your order by sending an email to the address you provided during registration.
6. All orders will be confirmed by sending an email or by calling client if it will be necessary. We will inform client about any difficulties during processing order.
7. In case of running out of stock with some items, client will be informed about this fact and about the time when we will have ordered item back in stock.
8. All prices in this store are in Euro and contain 23% of Polish VAT. They don’t include shipping cost.
9. Client covers all shipping and handling cost.
10. Processing orders takes 1-5 days for the items that are in stock or 3-30 days for items that are out of stock or for items that are ordered or imported for a special order. If processing takes longer than that, client will be informed about this fact by sending email.
11. The store uses clear and standard shipping prices that include packing and handling.
12. All transactions will be confirmed with receipt or VAT invoice. If client requires VAT invoice, he is required to give us permission to invoice without hand signature.
13. Payment is being processed using PayPal system.
14. In case of orders containing multiple items, processing time will depend on the stock of all ordered items.
15. Client can only cancel his order while it’s being processed, otherwise it can only be canceled by email or phone.

III. Warranty and returns

16. Items offered in this store are covered by manufacturer or our own warranty. Details about the warranty are provided with individual items.
17. Damages caused to mechanical parts caused during shipping will only be considered if they can be confirmed by the company responsible for shipping.
18. Client is responsible to check the contents and function of all items within 10 days from receiving order. If any items are damaged or non functional, client is responsible for letting us know about this fact.
19. Client – consumer has right to return any order within 10 days from making order without stating any reason.
20. According to above, client also has a right to return order within 10 days from receiving order by sending us signed letter or email. This right does not apply if the items are damaged in any way by the client.
21. Returned item must not have any signs of use, it must contain the original proof of purchase (receipt or invoice).
Client is responsible for packing the returned items securely to prevent from damages during shipping.
If returned items are incomplete, damaged or wear signs of use, we will may not process the return and pay the client back full amount.
22. In an event of successful processing of return, we will pay the client back within 14 days.
23. Client is paying for the shipping of returned items.
24. When contacting us about possible returns, client is supposed to give us his name, order number and number of receipt or invoice and state the reason of the return.
25.  Art. 38. of the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights: The right to withdraw from a contract concluded away from business premises or at a distance is not entitled to a consumer with respect to contracts:
3) in which the object of the service is a non-prefabricated item, manufactured according to the consumer’s specification or serving to satisfy his individual needs. (all custom keyboards)
26. In an event of positive return, we will refund you using PayPal system.

IV. Shipping costs

1. Polish Post (tracked priority letter):
– Europe: 10€
– North America and Asia: 15€
– South America, Australia, Africa: 25€

2. Courier Service (DPD):
– Europe: 30€
– North America and Asia: 70€
– South America, Australia, Africa: 105€

3. Global Express (Post):
– Europe: 20€
– North America and Asia: 20€
– South America, Australia, Africa: 30€

V. Finishing words

26. We take responsibility for protecting client’s personal information provided to us according to Polish Law about personal information from 29 August 1997. According to this law client allows us to use this information for marketing purposes without sharing them with 3rd parties. Client has right to check and update this information and forbid us from using it.
27. In cases not covered in this list, all rules about consumer protection and seller’s responsibility from the Polish Law from 2 March 2000 apply.
28. We have right to change this terms and conditions in future.

VI. Other formal statements

29. We don’t take any responsibility for the damages caused by 3rd party components, tools or software used with items purchased in this store.
30. Stated prices may change without any notice.
31. Promotions and sales might be limited by time and stock.
32. All trademarks used on pages of this store are restricted to their rightful owners.

*I agree to the Terms and Conditions.