Wireless Redox (codename Ultron)

Sale 27/10

First build! Hand-wired Atreus62 with Gateron silent browns in a compact bamboo case by FalbaTech.

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Redox: a new keyboard

Atreus 62 Build Guide

every step in this project took so long but today I finaly made it. my first hand wire teensy build. working! praise the blood moon!!! from MechanicalKeyboards

Did anyone say endgame? from MechanicalKeyboards

Making it a thing from MechanicalKeyboards

New board! Bamboo Atreus [photos] from MechanicalKeyboards

[photos] Keyboards and large cameras you say? It’s interesting how people consider collecting cameras sane but think I’m crazy for having more than one keyboard. As if I could use more than one of any of those fuckers at the same time… from MechanicalKeyboards

ordered full Falba.tech gh60 kit | plate | rev c pcb | case | bag and cable | very nice if you are in EU and need your fix now from MechanicalKeyboards